Five Top Tips for New Year's Resolutions - How to lose weight

Each year many of us make New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, and many fail due to not following a few simple rules.  Review the following  ‘5 top tips’ to help you achieve your weight loss goals for 2018


S = Specific

Set a goal that is specific for you – in this instance your want to lose weight

M = Measureable            

How will you measure your weight loss?  This should be a reproducible, accurate measurement such as, the fit and feel of your clothes, girth measurements (specific sites of the body),  BEI (bioelectrical impedance analysis), skin fold measurements (taken by trained technician).         

A = Attainable

Set a goal for you that is 'winnable' or 'achievable'

R = Realistic                      

This is specific to you, depending on the above goals; such as to lose 5 kg (however this will depend on you starting weight, previous weight history etc.).

T = Timely                            

Set a time frame that you can achieve this goal in such as within 6 months.  This again depends on your start weight and previous weight loss history as a 5 kg weight loss for a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 28 kg/m2 is very achievable and realistic but this may not be appropriate if the BMI is 28 kg/m2, but the waist to height ratio is < 0.5…or skinfold/ body fat is low (as this indicates a possible higher lean body mass leading to a higher total weight/ BMI).

TOP TIP # 2 -Tracking

Track your food and fluid intake.  There are many free tools available on-line that you can upload to your phone so you can ‘tap and track’ as you go through you day.  This is an excellent way to monitor food intake, eating habits, portion sizes and trends.  This is also a great tool to share with your friends, family or dietitian/ nutritionist to discuss and modify your eating plans.  It can also highlight any areas of concern, such as dietary inadequacy or nutrient deficits that need addressing.  Try or

TOP TIP # 3 - Use reliable sources

When trying to eat healthy and lose weight the power of the media, Dr. Google, unqualified quasi self proclaimed experts, is confusing for many.  Invest your time and money in the expertise of a qualified Dietitian or Nutritionist who is recognized with State/ Board certification to ensure you obtain evidence based nutrition information.  Remember “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”.

TOP TIP # 4 - Exercise

If you are physically able to, then move your body everyday to effectively maintain your health.  Find exercises that you enjoy – anything is possible, and this is the time to apply some SMART exercise goals.  There is so much research and evidence supporting the implementation of daily physical activity to assist with weight loss, weight maintenance goals in addition to improving your strength and mobility which is vitally important to feeling good about your body.

TOP TIP # 5 - Vegetables

Simply eat more vegetables every day, unless you are already eating 500 g or more daily.  Aim to eat at least 5 - 7 servings of fruits and vegetables daily (roughly what fits in the palm of your hand, about 80 g).  Vegetables can make you feel full (due to the high fibre and water content) and are generally low in energy, which can result in some weight loss over time. 

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